Every day the main programme consists of the relay race, the elimination, the time trial and the spectacular derny.

Besides the sports programme we also provide entertainment. We will treat you to various surprise acts: musical performances, competitions with famous Flemish people and more. Everything is possible.

Programme by day

Tuesday 17.11.2019

Hour Race Category Numbers
18.15 Teams presentation AVS Cup (Men U23) White / Black
18.30 Pointsrace AVS Cup (Men U23) White
19.00 Pointsrace AVS Cup (Men U23) Black
19.30 Time Trial : 1 lap AVS Cup (Men U23) White / Black
20.00 Teams presentation Men Elite White / Black
20.25 Start Men Elite White / Black
20.30 Pointsrace Men Elite White
20.45 Pointsrace Men Elite Black
21.00 Ceremony yellow + green jersey AVS Cup (Men U23) White / Black
21.05 Team Elimination Men Elite White / Black
21.25 Time Trial : 1 lap Men Elite White / Black
21.45 Madison Men Elite White / Black
22.35 Break
22.55 Derny Men Elite White
23.10 Supersprint Men Elite Black
23.25 Derny Men Elite White
23.40 Scratch Men Elite Black
23.50 Time Trial : 500 m Men Elite White / Black
00.15 Madison Men Elite White / Black
00.45 Ceremony leaders Men Elite White / Black
00.50 End of day 1